About Us

Architecture / Interiors

We specialize in bringing diversity in to the ever evolving and expanding urban life style. In addition to internal design, in our conceptual stand design realized by our expert staff, we find modern structural solutions and apply the same system to vast and diverse compositions.

For years, in both the international and domestic market place, we have strived never to compromise our creativity. We strive always avoid repetition and to reinvent ourselves in every turn to bring modern and innovative solutions for form and function, utilize open ended systems to bring alternatives to the marketplace.

Founded in 1979, our internal design firm Dekotek, became a part of Grup design in 1996 to create innovative in flooring, project realization, design, application and manufacturing solutions. Thus we made increasing quality of service our top priority. In addition to bringing our proprietary products to market, we have formed a design partnership and have undertaken a distributor role for the German firm, Visplay Systems, and have cultivated a unique style. We manufacture our products with cutting edge systems, technical expertise, ought most quality and experienced hand craftsmanship, in our modern 5000m² enclosed facility in Zeytinburnu.

The most important detail in our standardization process, is the versatility of a standard unit to be able to accommodate new designs. Properly processed environments and careful application of proper complexes and systems give birth to results that move parallel with the flow of time.

Our goal is to think in the long term and produce systems, solutions and environments that that blend into the modern urban lifestyle.

Our Values

A safe and professional work space

Respecting the rights and regulations to provide a safe and professional work space. For a company to run efficiently, the team has to be motivated to deliver top tier work. We believe that mutual respect is not only an ethical requirement but is required for the company to compete in the marketplace.

Our Standards Compliance

We take the ought-most care to not only abide by domestic regulations but interantional industry standards to provide solutions efficiently and sustainably.

Our Work health and safety

Providing a safe and healthy work environment is a first. In order to secure the work space, we not only abide by domestic regulatory standards but monitor the international industry for new safety precautions to implement in our facilities.

Our Social Responsibility

Any firm engaged in manufacturing, utilizes resources in it’s immediate environment. We are only able to carry out our operations with our environment. Which is why we believe that in turn, acting responsibly and implementing sustainable solutions is not only a responsibility but a requirement.

Our Work Ethics

Work Ethics of a company become synonymous with it’s name. A company’s reputation relies on whether the end results are delivered as ordered. We firmly believe that our primary line of business is assuring client satisfaction.


We find both modern and technical solutions

We complete all our proprietary projects in house.

As we create, we strive for creativity

Our manufacturing plant is a 8.000m2 top of the line facility.

We follow the industry and innovation

We finalize all our projects with the latest innovations in manufacturing and masterful hand craftsmanship.